Perfect Christmas Decor Ideas 2023

Christmas Decor Ideas | There are many original options to take into account while decking the hallways. Check out the Christmas decoration ideas below if you need some motivation to get started. We looked everywhere and came up with over 20 ideas that would definitely bring the holiday joy into your house, And Its Feel You Happy from the front porch to the powder room.

We even asked quite a few renowned interior designers for their own decorative schemes when December rolls around. Though some stick to the traditional motifs and palettes, others take a totally unexpected approach. Intrigued? You’ll have to keep scrolling to see the most out-of-the-box decorating ideas. If you have time, we suggest going big with the decorations and outfitting more than just the living room.

No matter which option speaks to you, we have a scheme for you. What’s more, we even included shopping links to trees, garlands, wreaths, and more so that you can start decorating your rooms as soon as you wish.

🔥 Outdoor Christmas Decor Ideas 🔥

1. Outside

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While there is no set color palette for Christmas, red and green usually work well to evoke the spirit of the season. Your place will be the most festive on the neighborhood whether you utilize these blinds inside and outside the entire house. We think that the large red bows really bring this outfit together, so if you want to recreate it, start there. ( This is Outdoor Christmas Decor Ideas 1 )

2. Make Your Mailbox A Classic Charmer


If nostalgia is what you value at this time of year, then going the traditional route is a solid choice. This arrangement is anchored with cedar boughs and sprigs of cypress and holly. Sugar pinecones are the sweet, statement-making finisher. “They’re massive and gorgeous,” says Birmingham florist and stylist my Friend. “I love embellishing everything with them at Christmas.” ( This is Outdoor Christmas Decor Ideas 2 )

3. Cheer Up Your Entry Way


Pressed for time but want a big show to greet guests and carolers on your front porch? Fit a 7-gallon magnolia into a decorative planter, and fill in around the edges with spray-painted magnolia branches and sprigs of seeded eucalyptus – we chose red, but gold or silver stuns as well. After the holidays, plant the magnolia in the garden for a year-round token of holiday cheer. Designed to come together quickly and with limited hands-on prep, this Christmas look is easy to tailor for various preferences. Change the plants or colors to suit your taste. ( This is Outdoor Christmas Decor Ideas 3 )

4. Start Outside


A white brick Colonial is a stately canvas for holiday decorating. The wreaths, swags, garlands, and gate decoration took a color cue from the home’s green-black shutters and bright copper lanterns. ( This is Outdoor Christmas Decor Ideas 4 )

🔥 Cute Christmas Decor Ideas 🔥

5. Swap Your Tree Stand For A Planter


“More is more,” says Matthew Bees, decorator behind this eclectic room. “The holidays are meant to be extravagant! Instead of a tree skirt, try a vintage fishbowl or planter. It heightens the tree and gives you more room for Santa’s surprises,” he adds. ( Cute Christmas Decor Ideas 1 )

6. Convert Glass Bottles Into Candle Holders


Make beautiful holiday décor out of your empty wine or beverage bottles instead of throwing them away. Put some fresh cranberries in the bottles with the evergreens to provide a splash of color, and then fill with water. Place a taper candle in the bottle opening after rubbing sticky candle wax onto the bottom of the candle. To maintain the fresh appearance of the greens, simply remember to change the water every few days. ( Cute Christmas Decor Ideas 2 )

7. Tie A Bow On… Everything


Your Christmas table will seem more festive if you quickly tie a ribbon on a bundle of flatware, candle holders, and stemmed glasses. A smooth ribbon with a tint reminiscent of jewels may make a big impact. ( Cute Christmas Decor Ideas 3 )

8. Add Wreaths To Dining Chairs


Use sturdy ribbon to secure tiny wreaths to the backs of your dining chairs — whether you decorate just the armchairs at each head or every seat.

9. Hang Mini Wreaths


The more little wreaths, the better, in our opinion. Adorable pine wreaths may be hung from kitchen cupboards with red and white striped ribbon. Tip: To secure ribbons, use an upside-down Command hook on the interior of the cabinet door. ( Cute Christmas Decor Ideas 5 )

🔥 White Christmas Decor Ideas 🔥

10. Display White Candles


Don’t limit your Christmas lighting to white string lights on your tree. Incorporate white taper candles throughout your home. Include classic-size ones as part of a tablescape and light them to set the mood. ( White Christmas Decor Ideas 1 )

11. Incorporate Shine

11 1

Metallics enhance any Christmas decor theme—whether it’s all-white or rainbow. Go for silver, gold, copper, rose gold, or a combination of metals. In this timeless bathroom by designer Rachel Hardage Barrett, a dazzling gold wreath brings Christmas magic to the bubble bath zone. ( White Christmas Decor Ideas 2 )

12. Focus On The Tree


If you have a green tree, completely dress it in white ornaments, ribbon, lights, beads, and garland. Here, Tomkat Studio also added a pair of mini white faux trees near the bottom of a big one. Take it even further with a white tree skirt and presents in white wrapping paper or boxes. If you forgo a green tree in favor of a white faux one this season, consider mixing in metallic accents to make the decor stand out.

13. Sprinkle Faux Snow

13 1

Bring an idyllic snowy setting indoors with faux snow. AdamappleLtd on Etsy sells faux snow in confetti wands, so you can easily use a few or all of them to adorn your home. Sprinkle it over a bowl filled with faux pinecones and greenery as coffee table decor, or pour some down the middle of your dining table.

🔥 Modern Christmas Decor Ideas 🔥

14. Modern Staircase Garland


A garland adorning the staircase is as traditional as Christmas decor gets. Give the classic decoration a modern update by incorporating fresh silver dollar eucalyptus stems into the greenery for a more contemporary look. The greenery sprigs will add extra fullness and a beautiful fragrance. And, it dries well you won’t need to worry about replacing it throughout the holiday season. Continue the modern theme with an unexpected ribbon color, such as this wide black satin ribbon that makes a stunning statement.

15. Red and White Color Palette


Give your Christmas wreath a modern update by adorning it with a mix of glass ornaments and fluffy pompoms of various sizes and colors. It’ll create a nice mix of textures to complement a fresh evergreen wreath, and add a fun twist to a traditional holiday staple. There’s no color more synonymous with Christmas than red, but pairing it with white and gray accents modernizes the traditional color palette. Skip the ribbon to keep your wreath streamlined and contemporary.

16. Bedroom Holiday Decor


Add a touch of holiday cheer to every room in the house, including the bedrooms. This rustic wood bunk bed gets a merry makeover with simple Christmas accents that make a big impact. Black and white buffalo check bedding is a modern twist on classic plaid, and a sweet garland made out of green felt is a playful, kid-friendly alternative to greenery. A mini Christmas tree completes the holiday look.

17. Plush And Perfect


“The enchantment of this season is often found in the details we embellish our houses with,” This living room sticks to original elements and adds simple pieces that elevate the holiday look. Red candles, a reindeer statement piece on the cocktail table, and, of course, a decorated tree finish the look.

18. The Perfect Contrast

18 1

Rachel Parcell’s double-floor mansion in Salt Lake City is infused with greenery, and it has been known to have a full-on door swap out for extra seasonal flair. Parcell remarks, “I like the subtle impact of cedar greenery.” “It breathes life into any space.” Go all out with garlands, wreaths, bows, and anything cedar if your house has windows and height.

19. Unexpected Colors


A vibrant pop of orange sets the tone for Michelle Robinson’s holiday look this year. By filling her home with nontraditional colors, she won’t be in any rush to take down the decor come January. “I love to play up colors and incorporate nontraditional elements like pinks and oranges to put my own spin on things,” she says.

20. Festive Home Bar


You can instantly create a festive appearance in your home bar by subtly altering a few components. To include festive yet modern hues, Emily Henderson added a crimson cake stand, smokey glasses, and a gilded deer candelabra.

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