Top 10 Most Famous Photos Of All Time

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10- Kevin Carter’s controversial photo – Starving Child and Vulture | 1993

famous photographers Kevin Carter 1993 child vulture 750x482 1

South African photojournalist Kevin Carter visited Sudan in 1993 to take pictures of the famine. His depiction of a collapsing child with a vulture circling her not only infuriated the audience due to the graphic nature of the subject matter. In addition, the photographer received a lot of backlash for choosing to picture the youngster rather than helping her. Carter was plagued by the events of that day and the subsequent onslaught until he committed suicide in 1994.

9- Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Eddie Adams | Saigon Execution | 1968

famous photographers Eddie Adams 1968 saigon execution 750x439 1

On February 1, 1968, Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist Eddie Adams was in Saigon taking pictures of the destruction caused by the conflict. Thinking that he was seeing a regular execution of a prisoner. He peered through his camera’s lens to take a picture of the scene. However, what he managed to record was the prisoner’s casual assassination. Throughout the Vietnam War, one of the most potent pictures was this famous picture. The graphic depiction of the extent of the carnage helped galvanize the anti-war movement and bring an end to US involvement in the war.

8- Nick Ut | The Terror of War | 1972

famous photographers Nick Ut 1972 vietnam napalm girl 750x504 1

One of the scariest photos in Vietnam combat history was taken by combat photographer Nick Ut, 25 miles northwest of Saigon. Those who suffer as a result of war’s collateral harm are rarely seen in public. However, Phan Thi Kim Phuc’s terrifying photo made the world take notice. She was saved from certain death when U.T. assisted her after she unintentionally dropped napalm

A lot of newspapers had to loosen their anti-nudity policy at the time of publication in 1972. Even now, there is controversy around the picture; recently, Facebook temporarily took it down for the same reasons. Nick Ut took home the Pulitzer Prize in 1973 for this well-known picture.

7- Alberto Korda’s iconic photo of Che Guevara | Guerillero Heroico | 1960

famous photographers Alberto.Korda .1960.Che 750x499 1

Photographer Alberto Korda had no idea that the two frames he took of Fidel Castro’s young assistant would turn out to be such a famous picture. Che Guevara’s photo became an iconic symbol of revolution and resistance for people all over the world after he passed away seven years later. It is still widely accepted worldwide and in Cuban society today. Controversial as Che was, whether you consider him a hero or a villain, the portrait stands the test of time.

6- Lunch atop a Skyscraper | Unknown | 1932


The identities of the subjects and the photographer of this well-known image are unknown to us. In addition to making the viewer dizzy, this picture of workmen enjoying a daredevil lunch break atop a skyscraper draws attention to the extremely dangerous lives that those building the Rockefeller Center lead. Numerous workers lost their lives in tragic falls that occurred during the construction of several skyscrapers in the first half of the 20th century.

5- Tank Man | Jeff Widener | 1989

Jeff Widener became the most well-known photojournalist of the late 20th century with this iconic image of a young Chinese guy protesting in front of tanks during the Tiananmen Square upheaval in 1989. The day prior to capturing this image, Widener sustained injuries from a stone and was instructed to remain at his hotel, with the other American and European journalists seeking safety at the airport.

Widener used his hotel window to get images of the rebellion. When he ran out of film, he requested a hotel guest who was Australian to lend him a roll. Using this roll, Widener captured the iconic image that won the Pulitzer Prize and is today regarded as one of the most recognizable photographs ever taken and won the Pulitzer Prize in 1990.

4- The Burning Monk – Malcom Browne, 1963


The monk Thich Quang Duc self-immolated on June 11, 1963, in a Saigon, Vietnam, street in protest of the South Vietnamese government’s act of protest over discrimination toward Buddhists. He requested to be drenched with gasoline and to be set ablaze at a protest. While on the scene, Associated Press photographer Malcolm Browne took a breathtaking picture that went viral and earned a Pulitzer Prize. It was used for the cover of the 1992 self-titled album by the American fusion-rap group Rage Against The Machine.

3- The first photograph in history | Joseph Nicéphore Niépce | View from the Window at Le Gras | circa 1826

famous photographers Joseph.Nicephore.Niepce.1826 view from window 750x521 1

It’s interesting to note that Joseph Nicéphore Niépce, an inventor, took the first permanent photograph ever. He installed a camera obscura in his French studio in 1826 as a result of his obsession with printing. The scene outside his window was depicted in rough detail and was cast onto a pewter plate.

There is only one copy, a positive picture, from the eight-hour exposure. Because of the sun’s movement across the courtyard during the exposure, shadows could be seen on both sides of the photograph, which contributes to its rather perplexing appearance. The evolution of contemporary photography was made possible by his groundbreaking work.

2- Margaret Bourke-White’s famous photograph – Gandhi and the Spinning Wheel | 1946

famous photographers Margaret Bourke White 1946 ghandi

The first female photographer for LIFE magazine, Margaret Bourke-White, was given the unique chance to take a picture of Mahatma Gandhi in 1946. This wonderful chance swiftly became a nightmare. She had to overcome a number of obstacles in order to meet with India’s ideological head. In addition to spinning Gandhi’s renowned homespun. After two failed shoots, thanks to technical difficulties, it was third time lucky for Bourke-White. Less than two years before he was assassinated, this famous picture of Gandhi at his spinning wheel was taken.

1- The Iconic V-J Day in Times Square by Alfred Eisenstaedt | 1945


“People tell me that when I’m in heaven, they will remember this picture.”

The goal of Alfred Eisenstaedt’s image was “to find and catch the storytelling moment.” He achieved precisely that in this Times Square post-World War II picture. One of the most recognizable pictures of the 20th century is his well-known photo of the soldier and dental nurse, which symbolizes the happy conclusion of years of fighting.

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