What Happens If The Sun Just Disappeared? 5 Changes

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What Would Happen If The Sun Disappeared.?

The Sun is the closest star to Earth. Only thanks to the Sun life as we know it exists. Its light hits the surface of the planet making it warm enough for living organisms to develop and live on. Plants convert solar energy into chemical energy. They give us oxygen to breathe and you can go to the beach and have a tap. But what would happen if the Sun disappeared right now. What do you think? I don’t know but you know let me take a wild guess.

It would get dark well would we even notice how long would we be able to survive without the Sun. Would it be cold enough for the Russians to consider moving to a different planet? In this article, Knowledge World decided to take a look at this hypothetical situation and imagine what it would be like to live on Earth without the Sun. Therefore well let’s go to the dark side.

5. We Would Have No Idea At First

what happens if the sun just disappeared

Seriously the Sun is eight light minutes away from Earth. A light means it is a distance that light can travel in one minute. For example, if you were on Mars and your friend was here on Earth. That’s imagine you both have good enough eyes to see each other. If you wave to your friend he would see you only in about 30 minutes. Depending on how far Mars would be at the moment.

Here’s another example. If 65 million light-years away, there were some advanced creatures that had powerful telescopes. They would be able to see dinosaurs walking on Earth or rather making their last steps. Because that’s when they went extinct approximately. The sunlight reflected by the earth would need 65 million years to reach the creature’s eyes or whatever they use to see things. As we know nothing literally nothing in the universe can travel faster than light.

Right after the Sun disappeared, it would take 8 minutes for this good news to reach us. Even the gravitational pull that the Sun has on our planet would also end only in 8 minutes. The earth would continue orbiting the spot where the Sun had been as if nothing happened. But for only eight minutes. After that, our planet would start to fly in a straight line and that’s when mass panic would probably start. As people try to return those solar panels they just had installed.

4. It Would Be Very Dark

what happens if the sun just disappeared

Those on the night side wouldn’t notice anything at first. But only until the moon would disappear as it would have no sunlight to reflect. Other planets would vanish into darkness. One after another. As the last bits of reflected light would reach our eyes. Distant stars would be our only source of light outside the planet. It would be quite enough to be able to see around a bit. Photosynthesis would stop.

Plants would no longer be able to produce life-sustaining oxygen. It might sound like a serious issue but it isn’t. Collectively all living humans all insects and all animals would still have enough oxygen to breathe for about another thousand years. There would be a much bigger problem though. Yes, especially if you own a sunglasses shop.

3. It Would Be Extremely Cold

what would happen if the sun disappeared

Without any source of heat, the earth would cool down very quickly. Within just the first week. The planet would be about 32 degrees Fahrenheit or zero degrees Celsius. It doesn’t sound that scary right? Especially taking into account the fuels that we have we would most likely get along fine without the Sun for the first few months.

But by the end of the first year without the Sun, it would be so cold. That is the only way for us and other organisms to survive. Would be to go underground as deep as possible. The closer you would live to the core, the better chances you would have. But that would involve a lot of digging. Seriously speaking though none of us would be able to live if we didn’t find a way to leave Earth.

2. Oceans Would Freeze Over

what if the sun suddenly disappeared

Because of the extreme temperatures, the surface of oceans would become a giant skating rink. But only the surface. It’s not that the ice would be thin and you’d have to think twice before jumping on it. Nope, the thing is that it has been estimated that liquid water would continue to exist at the bottom of our oceans for billions of years. It wouldn’t freeze because the Earth’s core would still be very hot.

1. Some Organisms Would Be Just Fine

if the sun disappeared what would happen to earth

Sorry humans are not among them. Only the smallest creatures, such as those that live in the Mariana Trench could survive the disappearance of our star. They don’t require photosynthesis. They convert heat into the energy they need. As long as the water would be liquid the organisms would be alive.

Just imagine our planet all frozen traveling through the universe for billions of years. Still conserving what is left of life before the Sun left us. Maybe one day we’ll come close enough to a different star and get into its gravitational pull and star orbiting around it. In this case, the ice would melt and the planet would heat. Those microbes would have a chance to evolve into other types of life. But in such conditions, the chances that humans would appear as are result of this evolution are slightly bigger than zero.

On the other hand, the leftovers of our civilization would most likely still be there. Other forms of intelligent life could see what we were like. You see after all the sun’s disappearance might not be that terrible. “Yeah if you’re a microbe”. Well, another comforting thought is that the Sun will die only in about five billion years from now. We have plenty of time to look for a new home and that’s enough of the dark side.

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