10 Biggest Airports In The World

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10. Suvarnabhumi Airport – Thailand

arina jan thailand airport measures cny shutterstock

Stage Two improvements at Suvarnabhumi Airport 30 complete reports Thai TV

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Thailand starts at the top with an airport that measures 8,000 acres or 12.5 square miles. The size of over 6,000 soccer fields. Suvarnabhumi Airport is served by 95 airlines and handles an average of 63 million passengers a year. It has the tallest free-standing control tower on this top, at 434 feet plus five of its 120 parking stands can accommodate an Airbus A380.

Its incredible size didn’t spare it from major obstacles before its opening in 2006. When it became known that the airport was over in an ancient burial ground. A ceremony was held with 99 Buddhist monks to appease the ghosts that workers claimed to see. Then ruts were found in the runways as a result of using substandard materials.

That wasn’t enough, as of 2017 eight people died falling from the top floor. They spent nine hundred thousand dollars on glass barriers to prevent people from falling or taking their own lives. Is this airport cursed or what?

9. Cairo International Airport – Egypt

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Overview Cairo International Airport

Cairo International Airport Inside

Let’s make a short stopover in Egypt. Here the largest and busiest is Cairo International Airport. With an area of 9142 acres or 14 square miles. It can handle 30 million travelers a year. The airport has four runways. The largest of which is 13,000 feet long and 213 feet wide. It’s so big. that in order for its passengers to travel comfortably and on time. Cairo International Airport has its own mini metro line that can carry up to 170 passengers free of charge.

In five minutes the mini metro can travel through its four stations. Terminal one, the shopping mall, and a multi-story garage. Terminal Two and finally Terminal Three. As you can see moving through this airport is quite a journey. Also if you need to stay for a few hours you don’t have to go far. There’s a luxurious Le Méridien hotel with five stars and 350 rooms in front of terminal 3.

8. Shanghai Pudong International Airport – China

View of PVG 230602


shanghai pudong 1180x720 1

This is the second-largest airport in China. It’s the hub for 104 airlines including Juniao Airlines and Spring Airlines. Serving over 210 destinations. However, Shanghai Pudong International Airport is notable for housing Asia’s largest DHL Express hub and is known for handling up to six million tons of cargo per year. Thanks to its 9884 acres or 15.4 square miles in size.

It can serve up to 80 million passengers a year. In addition, its four terminal parallel runways up to 13,000 feet long, can accommodate large aircraft such as Airbus A380s, Boeing 747s, and Antonov An-225s. The construction of this huge airport took two years and an investment of 1.67 billion dollars.

7. George Bush Intercontinental Airport – USA

IAH Aerial 1

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It’s the turn of the North American continent in Houston, Texas george bush intercontinental airport spans 10,000 acres or 15.6 square miles and is one of United Airlines’ largest passenger hubs. it boasts five terminals and five runways that handle more than 45 million passengers a year. In 2020 this airport was recognized as the best airport in the US and the second best in North America by the World Airport Awards.

How could it not when it offers you a unique user experience with its leisure facilities, excellent food and beverage prices, and a pet-friendly area. Plus all terminals are connected by the skyway. Connecting passengers can continue their journey without having to go through another security checkpoint. Don’t forget about these cool interactive airport maps. George Bush Intercontinental Airport is home to a Marriott hotel with 573 rooms inside and can be accessed via the skyway which runs every three minutes.

6. Beijing Daxing International Airport – China

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schindler daxing international airport beijing


This impressive airport in China will amaze you with its incredible starfish shape. At 11,600 acres or 18 square miles. It’s understandable that it took almost five years to build and 11.5 billion dollars were invested. Beijing Dakshing International Airport also boasts a 7,500,000-square-foot terminal. the size of 97 soccer fields. Making it the largest single-building airport terminal in the world.

But those aren’t its only recognitions. In 2020 Airports Council International granted it the best airport award for hygiene measures in Asia Pacific. Those who designed this airport thought of everything. Travelers are scanned with cameras using facial recognition. There are robots that provide flight updates and airport information. It has a high-tech high-end shopping mall, plus a china garden in the international concourse and a koi carp pond.

5. Orlando International Airport – USA

Airport Today Aerial 2005 scaled 1

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orlando florida march 01 2019 600nw 1363147736

With a size of 12 600 acres or 19.6 square miles, this airport serves 140 domestic and international destinations. It’s a major international gateway for Florida. With over 850 daily flights from 44 airlines. As a result, Orlando International Airport broke all records from January through March 2022. Welcoming an all-time high of 11.6 million passengers.

Although the airfield was originally built as a US Army Air Forces facility. In 1961 all that was left behind. Now it’s become a real attraction center. What do I mean, this airport has a Hyatt Regency hotel and several restaurants with the most varied food you can imagine. Even the new terminal C under construction will have more than 15 new dining options. What do you think?

4. Washington Dulles International Airport – USA

ENCLOS Projects WashingtonDullesInternationalAirport 10 3000x1500 scaled 1

Dulles Airport Station Platform 1115

Aerial view of Dulles Airport June 1985

It spans an area of 13 000 acres or 20.3 square miles and despite being so large. This airport had to overcome harsh criticism in its early days. The Dulles International Airport was initially considered a white elephant because it was far from the city and had few flights.

However, it now handles a daily flow of over 60,000 passengers to and from more than 125 destinations worldwide. With such traffic and length, Dulles International makes it easy for passengers. As the aerotrain has been shuttling passengers between the concourses and the main terminal in one minute since 2010.

On top of that, it’s been listed in the top 10 most kid-friendly airports by upgraded points.com for its unlimited wi-fi access, charging stations, nursing areas, and airline lounges. But have you seen their play areas? The Dulles International partnered with NASA to create a fun way. Here kids can slide down the Tommy tower and climb aboard the supersonic jet and hyperwing.

3. Dallas Fort Worth International Airport – USA

792 dallas fort worth airport 5077a

Terminal D North Village 002

This airport is so big that it has its own zip code and serves more than 260 destinations with 26 airlines and in April 2022, it ranked as the second busiest airport in the world with 62.5 million passengers. Its design allows for minimizing the distance between local passengers and the aircraft. However, it can be a nightmare for connecting passengers as they must walk extremely long distances between gates because there are no shortcuts or moving walkways between terminal ends.

Can you imagine getting lost in an airport that is 17207 acres or 27 square miles? Despite that Dallas, Fort Worth International Airport is well on its way to becoming a landmark and positively influencing the local economy. In 2021 it set a major milestone by moving one million tons of cargo worldwide.

2. Denver International Airport – USA

DIA main terminal 960x540 1

denver international airport terminal DIACONSPIRACY0120 cd4c467e00a54e5c9bd9e8d8931bec11


You’ve arrived at the largest airport in North America which also has the longest runway on the subcontinent at 3.03 miles. This allows fully loaded Airbus A380s or Boeing 747-8s to take off smoothly. Overcoming the altitude and high temperatures of the airport. Would you believe me if I told you that the total size of Denver International Airport is more than one and a half times the size of Manhattan?

That’s right. It occupies 33531 acres or 52.4 square miles. The airport is a hub for United Airlines, and Frontier Airlines and is one of the largest operating hubs for Southwest Airlines. Due to its size, it’s one of colorado’s largest employers With over 35,000 employees. With the flow of travelers that this airport handles, its highest peak in traffic is Memorial Day. With approximately 210,000 passengers.

1. King Fohd International Airport – Saudi Arabia

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Now get ready to know the confines of the most monstrous airport in the world. From Dammam, Saudi Arabia comes this mega airport with an extension of 191,753 acres or 300 square miles. which is approximately the size of the entire city of New York and larger than its neighboring country of Bahrain.

No wonder it’s been recognized as the largest airport in the world by Guinness World Records. Its observation tower is 281 feet high like a 30-story building. Currently, it can handle approximately 12 million travelers a year. This is because King Fohd International Airport has two incredible runways. Each is 2.5 miles long. It also consists of three terminals. One of which is the royal terminal with an area of 177,000 square feet reserved for the Saudi royal family.

Within its facilities, it has a mosque, duty-free stores, restaurants, and the royal hall. Dedicated to the royal family, government employees, and official guests. The busiest route at this large airport is to and from Dubai. With no less than 70 flights a week.

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