10 Most Beautiful Places To Visit In China

If you are looking for the most beautiful places to visit in China? You are in the right place. Welcome to a new article and diverse China is an absolute giant of a travel destination. With more megacities than any other country in the world. As well as the country with the largest population. Any visit here will be a mix of traditional, cultural and modern development. In this article, we’re going to check out just a few. Let’s take a look at the top 10 most beautiful place in China.

Great Wall of China

most beautiful places to visit in china

most beautiful places to visit in china

Address: Huairou District, China, 101406

Phone: +86 10 6162 6022

Length: 21,196 km

Opened: 220 BC

Size: 21,196.18 km (13,170.70 mi)

UNESCO Site Id: 438

Nobody can be a true hero unless he has been on the Great Wall. That goes the popular Chinese saying and one that clearly demonstrates the importance placed upon this unique ancient monument. I’m always known in Chinese as ChangCheng or the long walk. Bridging six to eight meters in height But Rising as high as 16 meters and wide enough in places for five horses or ten men to pass.

The wall boasts numerous patterns and horse towels. Some of the world’s oldest fortifications date back as far as the 7th Century BC. With the best-known areas added around 210 BC. When its various sections were joined together. But today the most visited section of the war is near the battling pass. Easily reached by public transport. It’s one of the most fascinating places that you’ll ever visit.

Pudong Skyline Shanghai

most beautiful places to visit in china

most beautiful places to visit in china
Bund Shanghai

This is a modern skyline of Shanghai along the Huangpu River and the Bund. Which is a long pedestrian line. This remarkable Act of smart City Planning and preservation can be seen in Shanghai’s Splendid Riverside Promenade. Perhaps is better known as the bond. As you stroll through this wide pedestrian Zone, along the Riverside.

You’ll almost forget that your bangs smack in the middle of China’s larger City. Imagine a population that exceeds 26 million people. For the best views of the Bund, visit the 468-meter Oriental Pearl Tower. Which is on the opposite side of the river and if time allows be sure to visit the youth Garden.

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

most beautiful places to visit in china

most beautiful places to visit in china

Address: 8C8M+4WC, Wulingyuan District, Zhangjiajie, Hunan, China, 427403

Area: 48.1 km²

Established: 1982

Province: Hunan

When you first set eyes on this beautiful National Forest Park in Hunan Province. it’s certainly not difficult to see how filmmaker James Cameron was able to draw inspiration from it all. It’s an area of stunning Natural Beauty with its many unique pillar-like rock formations. But in addition, to its many natural wonders which can be best explored as part of an organized tour.

The park boasts several new man-made attractions. And the first, to be built was the Bay Long Elevator. Otherwise known as the Hundred Dragons Skylift. Which takes you all the way up in under two minutes. Now this is an impressive structure and one that offers some of the most dramatic views.

The Forbidden City Beijing

most beautiful place in china

most beautiful place in china

Address: 4 Jingshan Front St, Dongcheng, Beijing, China, 100009

Phone: +86 400 950 1925

Built: 1406–1420 (Ming dynasty)

Established: 1406–1420; 1925 (As a public museum)

Architect: Kuai Xiang

Architectural style(s): Chinese architecture

Area: 72 hectares

Visitors: 16.7 million

UNESCO Site Id: 439

In the heart of modern Beijing is the world’s largest Palace complex. Big enough to hold 50 Buckingham palaces and covers more than seven and a half million square feet. It’s known as The Forbidden City and it served as a symbolic and political center of Imperial China between 1420 and 1912. Its forbidden tag or moniker reflects how most subjects of the realm were never even allowed to enter its walls.

The entire complex is filled with palaces, Gardens, Courtyards and general living quarters. The city would be home and the seat of power for 24 rulers, 14 from the Ming Dynasty and 10 from the Jing Dynasty. To the south in the outer Court, it was here that the Chinese Imperial Court managed its contact with the outside world. Using the Forbidden City’s magnificent architecture as a stage to showcase the emperor’s power. This is a must-see attraction in Beijing.

The Terracotta Army (Emperor Qinshihuang’s Mausoleum)

most beautiful place in china

most beautiful place in china

Address: Lintong District, Xi’an, Shaanxi, China, 710612

Phone: +86 29 8139 9001

Opened: 248 BC

Province: Shaanxi

It was wild digging Wells on the outskirts of Xion. In the 1970s where farmers stumbled across what was to be China’s most important archaeological find. The Terracotta Army. Distributed over three large underground pits and built to guard the first Emperor’s tomb. This find included more than 8,000 life-size Warriors. Over 500 horses and more than 100 chariots. Along with the numerous other non-military characters. Dating back from 280 BC. It’s one of China’s most important tourist destinations and probably one of the most famous ones.

Summer Palace Beijing

top 10 most beautiful place in china

top 10 most beautiful place in china

Address: 19 Xinjiangongmen Rd, Haidian District, China, 100091

Phone: +86 10 6288 1144

Opened: 1750

Function: Palace

Height: 60 m

Area: 297 ha

This is an easy 15-kilometer commute from Beijing. And it’s a stunning Imperial Summer Palace. Set amid more than 700 Acres of beautiful Parkland and is easily one of China’s most visited attractions. While the palace itself was built in 1153. Its large lake was added in the 14th century. To enhance the Imperial Gardens.

Summer Palace is kind of the place that will require at least half a day of your time. Just looking at how beautiful the location truly is. it was even declared a World Heritage site a couple of years back among the places in Beijing. As much as Shanghai literally is the city of the future.

Hainan Island

top 10 most beautiful place in china

top 10 most beautiful place in china
the Beautiful Coast of the Gulf of Sanya, Sanya a Tropical Island Tourism Destination in China.

Capital: Haikou

Area: 33,210 km²

Population: 9.258 million (2017)

Highest elevation (Wuzhi Shan): 1,840 m (6,040 ft)

White sand beaches and crystal clear waters. These aren’t the first things that come to mind when you picture China. But the country’s southernmost province is an island paradise the likes of which you’d expect to find in Southeast Asia. This is a popular playground for the Chinese and Russians, in particular.

And Sanya boasts some real picturesque beaches the most famous of which is Yalong Bay. In addition to sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling and all those kinds of good things. The island is a playground for Resorts, Spas, and even floating restaurants. It is a great opportunity for either a Family Getaway or something that’s quite high-end.

Yellow Mountain (Huangshan)

top 10 most beautiful place in china

top 10 most beautiful place in china

Highest point: Lotus Peak

Elevation: 1,864 m

Coordinates: 30°07′30″N 118°10′00″E / 30.12500°N 118.16667°E

Location: Huangshan City, Anhui

This is one of five sacred mountains of China. A region of towering Stone Spiers Twisted Pines and stunning sunrises. Yellow Mountain is arguably China’s most famous mountain but then again you have to be the judge of that. People from all over China and around the world come to see the Mountain’s bizarrely shaped rocks.

It’s truly one of China’s most surreal and beautiful locations and a perfect escape from those modern cities. But when you’re done soaking in Nature’s Beauty. Nearby hongs on Village is a step back in time. It’s amazing ching and the Ming era is architecture. As I mentioned earlier for those of you wanting to escape the hustle and bustle of modern China. This is simply a breath of fresh air.

The West Lake In Hangzhou

top 10 most beautiful place in china

top 10 most beautiful place in china

Area: 6.5 km²

Province: Zhejiang

Length: 3.2 km

Average depth: 2.27 m (7.4 ft)

Basin countries: China

Location: Shangcheng District/Xiacheng District/Xihu District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang

Now few cities in China can boast quite the same concentration of Splendid historic sites and ancient temples as the city of Hangzhou. The capital of the Georgian province. It’s located at the southernmost end of China’s famous Grand Canal. And much of this Rich collection is actually gathered around the lovely West Lake.

Which is a six-kilometer Square stretch of water in the heart of the old city. Surrounded by numerous Hills and pagodas and temples. Part of the fund is lingering around on the Lake’s many fine old bridges. Trying to catch one of the many tour boats to get a much better view and if you do have time stick around for some of the fun. There’s a musical fountain show. That’s held every evening.

The Leshan Giant Buddha In Chengdu

10 best places to visit in china

10 best places to visit in china

Address: 2345 Lingyun Rd, Shizhong District, Leshan, Leshan, Sichuan, China, 614099

Phone: +86 833 230 2296

Part of: Mount Emei Scenic Area, including Leshan Giant Buddha Scenic Area

Opened: 803 AD

Subject: The Buddha

Province: Sichuan

This is located just a short bus or train ride away from Chengdu and it’s home to the world’s tallest Stone Buddha. And the largest pre-modern statue in the world. It is an incredible sight and towering at 71 meters. The Buddha sits solemnly on the banks of the river. With its proximity to Chengdu’s Panda Center. This is one of the 10 best places to visit in China.

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