12 Tricks To Instantly Calm Your Anxiety

If you are looking for tricks to instantly calm your anxiety. You are in the right place. Hey everyone, and welcome to Knowledge World. Today, we will learn 12 ways to instantly calm anxiety.

Does your stress ever become too much to handle? Have you ever experienced episodes of uncontrollable anxiety? Nearly 30% of adults have or will struggle with anxiety at some point in their lives. Anxiety disorders are some of the most common psychological disorders, affecting millions of adults in the world today.

Despite the overwhelming presence of anxiety in our lives, many people don’t understand how to confront or deal with stress and anxiety when they’re spiraling out of control. You, like many people, may cope with your anxiety by pretending it doesn’t exist. Even if your anxiety is affecting your mood and state of mind, you may stuff those feelings down or refuse to acknowledge the reality of your situation. 

But one day, your stress and anxiety may become overwhelming enough to make you lose control. Your worries and doubts may consume your thoughts as you sink into a looping vortex of anxious negativity. The more you struggle, the worse it gets until eventually you lose control. This is when people start making poor decisions. 

tricks to instantly calm your anxiety

You might try to hide your anxiety by isolating yourself from friends or family. You might give up on personal goals or lose touch with your passions. When your anxiety takes over, it can be a tremendous challenge to do any of the things you usually do. You find yourself obsessing over all the things that could go wrong. Instead of taking opportunities or seeking new experiences, you worry constantly that you’re falling behind.

This paranoia creates even more fear, stress, and anxiety, propelling you into a deeper state of restlessness and insecurity. But every anxious episode doesn’t have to turn into such a disaster. As overwhelming as your anxiety seems, it’s possible to calm your anxiety long before it spirals out of control. The truth is that anyone, even people with severe anxiety, can learn techniques to navigate stressful situations and break free from anxious thoughts. 

When you’re caught in that anxious vortex, it’s tough to see your situation clearly or face your fears. However, using these 12 simple tricks, you can instantly calm your anxiety and put yourself in a healthier state of mind. Let’s begin with how to calm your anxiety quickly.

1. The 3-2-1 Technique 

Usually, when you’re feeling anxious, you worry about the past or the future. But focusing on the present can help you regain a sense of calm and control. The 3-2-1 technique is a simple trick to shift your concentration in almost any environment. 

All you need to do is to look and listen to the world around you. First, name three things you can see. Next, name two things you can feel. Finally, name one sound you can hear. This technique encourages you to focus on your senses, thus grounding you in the here and now. 

2. Visual Diversions

Sometimes, anxiety makes you feel like you’re trapped in an impossible situation. Everything in your life may seem too difficult to bear, but in those moments, you can calm your anxiety by escaping into your imagination. In other words, visualize a space entirely removed from where you are now. If your environment is stressful, transport yourself to a place where your anxieties don’t exist. 

You might imagine walking on a beach or strolling down a forested path. Maybe it’s not an environment but an experience that calms you, like eating your favorite food or playing with an adorable pet. To use this simple trick, start by closing your eyes and activating your imagination. Ask yourself some simple questions to build mental imagery, like the color is the sky or how the grass feels against your skin. As your imaginary world grows, it will begin to feel real, and your anxiety will melt away. 

how to instantly calm down anxiety

3. Total Disconnection

For many people, technology is a daily source of stress and anxiety. You may be feeling insecure after browsing social media. You may be anxious about getting messages or phone calls or angry at yourself for wasting time on your devices. If you want to calm your anxiety, try disconnecting from the world for a little while. Turn off your phone, shut your laptop, and do something technology-free. You might discover that these quiet moments keep your anxious thoughts at bay. 

4. High-Energy Activities

If you spend too much time obsessing over your fears, your anxiety may grow into an insurmountable obstacle. What you need in these anxious moments is a reliable way to release pent-up energy and stress. Activities like running and dancing can be the perfect physical outlet for your anxiety. These high-energy activities can relieve stress, increase your confidence, and improve your mood during stressful moments. Sometimes, all it takes is a change of pace to instantly calm your anxious mind. 

5. Counting Backwards

When you’re feeling anxious, it’s hard to think about anything else. In these difficult moments, you need a quick and reliable way to shift your concentration. One simple trick is to count backward from 100. If that sounds too easy, try counting backward from 100 by 3s. The goal of this activity is to occupy your mind. That way, you don’t have as much attention to spare. By the time you finish counting, you will have shifted your focus and put your mind at ease.

ways to instantly calm anxiety

6. Accept Your Anxiety 

When you’re anxious, you might blame yourself for mismanaging your stress or giving in to temptations. You may experience frustration as you try and fail to make your anxiety go away. But the best way to deal with your anxiety may be to stop, take a breath, and accept the reality of your situation.

You may need to accept that anxiety is a part of your life. To be clear, you can still relieve stress and learn to manage your anxious thoughts. By accepting the reality of your situation, you’re putting less pressure on yourself to cure something you cannot change. 

7. The File-It Technique

Do you ever lie awake at night worrying about all the things you need to get done? Many of us feel overwhelmed by all the responsibilities on our plates, but there’s a simple trick you can use to organize your thoughts and restore feelings of control.

Start by closing your eyes and picturing a file cabinet. Now, imagine yourself neatly filing away your anxious thoughts inside that cabinet. When you’re done, close the cabinet door and open your eyes. Suddenly, you may feel a sense of relief. Once your anxieties are safely filed away, your stress may rapidly disappear. 

8. Cut Your Caffeine

Many people feel unproductive or slow when they haven’t had their daily caffeine. Drinks like coffee and tea are supposed to give us energy and make us more productive, but if you’re anxious, these mood boosters may add to your stress. Caffeinated drinks increase your body’s production of a hormone called adrenaline. 

This hormone typically activates your fight or flight response, which increases stress and triggers emotions like uneasiness and fear. For this reason, some people notice a pattern between their anxiety and caffeine intake. If this sounds familiar, try lowering your daily dose of caffeine. For example, you might drink only half a cup of coffee instead of one full one. You may not feel quite as energetic, but a little less caffeine could put you in a calmer state of mind.

how to calm your anxiety quickly

9. One Simple Goal 

Putting off responsibilities is one of the most common sources of anxiety in our lives. When we procrastinate our work or habits, we experience layers of guilt and stress that can be difficult to escape. The more things we fail to do, the heavier that burden becomes. You may feel helpless or paralyzed, but a small step can put your anxieties to rest. 

If you want to instantly calm your anxiety, force yourself to accomplish one very small, straightforward task. Find the simplest thing on your to-do list, like taking out the trash, and make this task your only responsibility for the day. Once you achieve this simple goal, other tasks won’t seem so burdensome. Build a little momentum, and you can leave your anxiety behind. 

10. The Power Of Laughter

During moments of high stress, laughter is often the best medicine. Laugher triggers a burst of positive emotion that significantly improves your mood. It also releases restless energy and burns away stress. Laughter also has a powerful effect on how you think and feel.

Sometimes it takes a good laugh to remind yourself that you’re only human and doing the best you can. When life is bearing down on you, make yourself laugh. It may not sound like much, but this simple trick can immediately calm your anxiety. 

11. Musical Inspiration

According to a 2021 study in the journal Psychiatry Research, music has a powerful positive impact on your stress and anxiety. Researchers found that symptoms of anxiety decreased when music was playing. The next time you’re feeling high-strung or restless, sit back and listen to your favorite genre of music. Whether you like classical or jazz, studies show that music puts you in a better mood and relieves psychological stress.

how to calm your anxiety quickly

12. Find Someone Who Gets It 

It’s challenging to explain your anxiety to other people. Even your loved ones may not fully understand what you’re going through, which may increase feelings of isolation and distress. Many anxious people don’t feel like others truly acknowledge their anxiety, but there are people out there who do understand how you feel.

If you want to work through your anxiety, seek out a friend or a professional who gets what you’re going through. When you meet this person, don’t be afraid to voice your fears and feelings because they’re probably had similar experiences. As scary as it sounds to share your honest feelings with someone else, talking to someone who understands you can lift your spirits and bring you a sense of calm. 

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