10 Best Places To Visit In The Netherlands 2023

If you are looking for the best places to visit in the Netherlands. You are in the right place. Hey everyone, and welcome to Knowledge World. Today, we will learn the 10 best places to visit in the Netherlands.

Spectacular One of the most well-known tourist locations in Europe is The Netherlands. The Netherlands practically doesn’t need an introduction. To see the 10 Best Places To Visit In The Netherlands, keep reading!

Almost everybody who travels to the Netherlands does certain activities, such as eating and going to the colorful locations. While there is nothing wrong with any of those, it might be fun to try something new when traveling rather than visiting all the top tourist attractions. If you are looking for the 10 Best Places To Visit In The Netherlands, you are in the right place.

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Why Visiting The Netherlands

Windmills, fields covered with tulips. Cities with canals and thousands of bicycles. Which country came to your mind? If you are looking for ideas of things to see and do in the Netherlands, we are going to show you some great cities and places to visit on your next trip. Are you ready to start this fantastic experience? Here are the 10 Best Places To Visit In The Netherlands.

01- Amsterdam

istockphoto 497143276 612x612 1
Aerial view of downtown Amsterdam, The Netherlands during a dramatic beautiful sunset. Almost all of the most prominent landmarks are visible.

Area code: 020

Boroughs: Eight districts: Centrum; Noord; West; Nieuw-West; Zuid; Oost; Zuidoost; Westpoort

City Hall: Stopera

Demonym: Amsterdammer

Elevation: −2 m (−7 ft)

Province: North Holland

Amsterdam, The Capital of the Netherlands and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, is widely known for its festive atmosphere, cannabis practice, and red-light district. With over 1,500 fabulous monumental buildings and many bridges, visitors to Amsterdam spend much of their time exploring the eccentricities and museums that dot the 60 miles of canals through the city.

The Anne Frank House and the Rijks Museum are the most popular stops for lovers of history and art. But if you want to go shopping, visit galleries, shop in pubs, and have a drink in Amsterdam’s cafes, you must go to The Prinsengracht area.

02- Delft

istockphoto 1224302929 612x612 1
Delft city in Netherland, Europe

Population: 101,030 (2015) United Nations

Area code: 015

City Hall: Delft City Hall

Province: South Holland

Delft From the Renaissance-style City Hall Building on Markt Square to the traditional canals, architecture, and ambiance, Delft is a forward-thinking city. Its inhabitants have worked diligently to restore it to its former appearance. This city is an ideal destination for day trips or holidays if the busy streets of Amsterdam do not interest you. Colorful Delft is one of the most beautiful cities in the Netherlands and Belgium.

It is 12km south of The Hague and 17km northwest of Rotterdam, making it a fantastic day trip from both cities. Among the most visited places is the Prinsenhof, where they preserve the bullet holes from the death of William of Orange. Those looking for a Johannes Vermeer souvenir or impression can’t miss the Vermeer Centrum in Delft. This city is also known for its pottery. It has a strong link with the royal family of the Netherlands since William of Orange established his residence there in 1572.

03- Leiden

istockphoto 1177893431 612x612 1
Aerial drone view of Leiden town cityscape from above, typical Dutch city skyline with canals and houses, Holland, Netherlands

Population: 121,562 (2015) United Nations

Province: South Holland

Area: 23.27 km²

Area code: 071

Metro population: 344,299

The picturesque city of Leiden is a great place to visit for its beautiful tree-lined canals with old windmills, wooden bridges, and lush parks. A boat trip through one of these enchanting canals is an unforgettable experience.

The attractions include many museums ranging from science and natural history to museums dedicated to windmills and Egyptian antiquities. The Hortus Botanicus offers extensive botanical gardens and the oldest academic observatory in the world. Visitors can also admire the beautiful architecture of the 16th-century St. Peter’s Church and check out its association with various historical figures, including American pilgrims.

04- Rotterdam

istockphoto 509029224 612x612 1
Aerial shot of Rotterdam skyline with Erasmus bridge at twilight as seen from the Euromast tower, The Netherlands

Area: 324.1 km²

Elevation: 2 m

Population: 623,652 (2015) United Nations

Area code: 010

Metro population: 2,390,101

Rotterdam Rotterdam, once a simple 13th-century fishing village, is the most modern city in the Netherlands today. Very bike-friendly like Amsterdam, Rotterdam has several historic districts for visitors to explore. The district of Delfshaven is the place from which the pilgrims set sail in 1620.

The summer festivals and carnivals attract visitors from nearby European countries every year. The Erasmus Bridge is unique and imposing. Many considered it a work of art. The most popular stop for visitors is the Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum. Works of art on display span from the Middle Ages to modern times, including masterpieces by Dalí, Van Gogh, Bosch, and Rembrandt.

05- Utrecht

istockphoto 174786153 612x612 1
“Canal and the Dom Tower in the city of Utrecht, The Netherlands by night.”

Area: 99.21 km²

Population: 1.307 million (2019) Eurostat

Neighborhoods: Kanaleneiland, Zuilen, Hoograven, Voordorp, 

Mayor: Sharon Dijksma

Elevation: 5 m (16 ft)

Province: Utrecht

Area code: 030

Utrecht Utrecht is famous because it has the largest campus in the Netherlands, the University of Utrecht. Another most notable tourist attraction is the impressive Gothic Cathedral of Saint Martin, a 700-year-old structural feat constructed in 1254. Architecture and museum enthusiasts love the Dom Tower, Rietveld Schroder House, and the Speelklok Museum. They feature a vast collection of impressive clocks, music boxes, and self-playing musical instruments.

06- Gouda

GettyImages 517062265 593eac183df78c537b2739fc
Gouda Cheese Market

Population: 73,181 (Jan 2019)

Area code: 0182

Province: South Holland

Gouda is a typical Dutch city with many old buildings and pretty canals. It is a popular destination for day trips, thanks to its excellent road and rail connections. The city is famous for its cheeses, syrup waffles, candles, and clay tubes. Among Holland, Gouda is one of the best-recognized cities for its cheese.

They sell this popular dairy product in many places, but the most important is the Gouda Cheese Market, a street fair that began in 1395. Farmers still carry the cheese wheels that they stack on the ground to sell in front of the beautiful city hall building. In addition, there are the impressive stained glass windows of St. John’s Church, just a five-minute walk from the station.

07- The Hague

istockphoto 479582286 612x612 1
Binnenhof Palace, place of Parliament in The Hague, of Netherlands at dusk

Population: 514,861 (2015) United Nations

Neighborhoods: Schilderswijk, Ypenburg, Kijkduin, Bezuidenhout

District: 8 districts: Centrum; Escamp; Haagse Hout; Laak; Leidschenveen-Ypenburg; Loosduinen; Scheveningen; Segbroek

Province: South Holland

The Hague, It is known for the contemporary art exhibitions at the Gemeente Museum Den Haagand the Royal Picture Gallery Mauritshu. The Hague is undoubtedly one of the most extraordinary places to visit in the Netherlands. The Hague is known as the “Royal City by the Sea” because of its Dutch royal citizens. Visitors often enjoy spending time along the North Sea in warmer months in the maritime city of Scheveningen.

Several notable monuments and historic districts can be toured in The Hague. Travelers can easily visit luxury department stores, Quaint shops and international art galleries. and international art galleries. is also in The Hague, although Amsterdam is the capital. Other attractions in The Hague include the miniature city of Madurodamand a 360-degree panoramic painting of the Scheveningen Sea in the 19th century called the Panorama Mesdag.

08- Groningen

istockphoto 1442289359 612x612 1
The sun setting over the historical city center of Groningen on a beautiful afternoon.

Population: 200,336 (2015) United Nations

Province: Groningen

City Hall: Groningen City Hall

Elevation: 7 m (23 ft)

This culturally diverse university city is compact but has two colleges. This makes it the premier place to visit in North Holland, especially for arts, business, and education. Museum lovers never tire of Groningen, as the Groninger Museum is one of the most innovative and modern in the whole of the Netherlands.

There is also a graphic museum, a comic book museum, a maritime museum, and a university museum. Music and theater abound in Groningen, and many street cafes offer live entertainment. Because of its high student population, night life venues are a big draw. The Grote Markt, Peperstraat, and Vismarkt are the most popular.

09- Haarlem

istockphoto 1217467874 612x612 1
Aerial view of the windmill in Haarlem, Netherlands

Population: 235,141 (2019) Eurostat

Province: North Holland

Neighborhoods: Amsterdamsewijk, Zuid-Schalkwijk, Hasselaersbuurt, Indischewijk, Grote Markt, Tuinbouwgebied

Local time: Sunday 11:48

City Hall: Haarlem City Hall

Elevation: 2 m (7 ft)

Haarlem, unofficially known as Bloemenstad, which means flower city, is the center of the tulip bulb-growing district. Located 33 km west of Amsterdam, Haarlem is a beautiful city of canals and houses with brick facades. The provincial capital of North Holland is near the mouth of the River Spaarne.

The Dutch who founded New York gave this name to a famous neighborhood in that city. Be sure to visit The Basilica Cathedral of Saint Bavo, built between 1895 and 1930. In the old sacristy, there is a museum of Catholicism in Haarlem. Its cultural spaces, particularly the Frans Hals and Teylers museums, also distinguished this city.

10- Alkmaar

istockphoto 539259239 612x612 1
A canal and the tower of the Waag in the city of Alkmaar, The Netherlands.

Population: 107,106 (2015) United Nations

Area code: 072

Demonym(s): Alkmaarder; (Informal) Kaaskop

Elevation: 1 m (3 ft)

Postcode: 1800–1831

Province: North Holland

The Alkmaar cheese market is one of four traditional ones that remain. It is a popular tourist attraction in the country. There is an old ceremony in front of the old Weighing House, they show how cheese was sold in the past. After the ancient handshake of the participants, the units are weighed, displayed, and sold.

In front of the bar areas, and other fun places of Alkmaar. The Alkmaar Beatles museum was the first in the world about the famous British band. It has objects that belong to the group and its four members. The protestant Church of San Lorenzo, now in secular use, stands out for its two organs, a carillon and a large bell.

The Netherlands is the land of flowers, windmills and wooden shoes. Also has cities that stand out for their historical value, museums, and architecture. Now that you have an idea of where to go, the only thing left for you to do is pack your bags.

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